Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Other jobs I did today

Just in case anybody gets the wrong idea, I'm on holidays for a week, I have loads of jobs to get done, so every day I'll be doing something in the garden. Unfortunately back next Monday morning, but then I suppose the way things are, those of us that have jobs are lucky, no doubt about it.

Tidied up the cold green house, cleaned up the geraniums and others, gave them a liquid feed and put a bit of order into the place.

Also checked how the chitting process was coming along, seems to be ok, don't really know as I have never grown spuds before, things seem to be growing out of them so I assume that's fine.

Planted 20 sweet pea plants which I grew from seed last October. Going to grow cordons this year as last year they just ran riot, and the quantities of flower were good but the quality not so good, so this year I'm going to try quality instead of quantity. The bed for these I dug about a month ago, put well rotten manure at the bottom of the trench and added compost to the soil. Hopefully they will do fine .

Also did a bit of tidying up around the garden, some grass cutting, border tidying etc. Place looks nice and neat now, but there's a distinct lack of colour, plenty of green as in the above, other than that some daf's .

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