Thursday, February 26, 2009

Continued with my digging today and as I dug the afternoon away 3 works kept popping into my mind, 'no dig gardening'. Certainly going to check it out.

Plenty signs of life in the garden.


Peggy said...

Ha! you are recommended to dig first, then begin the no dig method!You are putting most gardeners to shame with those neatly laid out beds.

Peggy said...

PS: in your greenhouse staging post to the back of the greenhouse there are a lot of tubes? are these another recycle?

Veg and Flower Time said...

Evening Peggy
Sugar, snookered no matter what way I turn. Yeh they do look neat like any other freshly dug over area, lets see what they look like in a couple of weeks time :-). Also could be the senarion of the ferari with a one litre engine, time will tell, sur that's half the fun.
The tubes: got a brainwave last year when sowing sweetpeas, I'd read somewhere to use toilet roll cores, did this but they all but collapsed when wet, so had some waste water pipe lying around, though to myself thats a good subsitute, problem is getting them out without damaging the roots, the theory was they'd slide out easily, not so in practice, with a little patience and the right diameter circular piece to push them out, it works.