Friday, February 27, 2009

Had a think about this no dig gardening and searched around on the net last night. Some good sites out there, but because of the fact that the area I was considering for this, is a sloping bank, more consideration and thought is required.

Got a nice surprise this morning in the post. T&M replaced a packet of seeds which I had a problem with. Great customer service there, I sent off an E, had a automated response within 10 minutes telling me someone would contact me as soon as possible and that's what happened. It's nice to see some company's out there offer a high level of customer service, no matter how small the problem. Also this is a copy of the only gardening mag I buy, Garden News, its a weekly one. More free seeds again this week, they're going to have to stop these free seeds, I'm running out of space, just can't help myself. Gotta stop sowing. :-).

Watered my seed trays this morning as the weather was dampish and have had enough of digging for the time being. I normally put a cork in one tray and stand the seed trays in there for about 15 minutes or so.

With the potted up seedlings I just stick a cork in each tray as its too fiddly transferring one pot at a time to another tray. I just add a small quantity of water to each tray and its usually soaked up that day. If there's still water in the tray that evening, I remove the cork and let the excess water drain away rather than letting the pots sit in water day after day.


Peggy said...

I have not seen that particular garden mag on sale, it looks businesslike on appearance! I find most of them have very little in the way of pratical gardening advice and lots of photos of gardens and tons of Ads!! i must look out for that one.

Veg and Flower Time said...


Seems to be hard to get even from Easons. Have tried in a few places to get it on order but, in one week and not in another week. Wednesday or Thursday seems to be the day if u'r in Easons, not on the shelves but towards the back of the shop in a unit they have down there. I've tried a few local newsagents and there has only been one that has it week in week out without fail. If you want me to leave a few back issues in Centra Tower for you to see if its for you, will gladly do so. I'm in Tower every Monday.

Peggy said...

That would be great but do you not want to keep your back issues for reference?!
email on:

Veg and Flower Time said...

I sure do but will e u this eve