Sunday, February 22, 2009

Greenhouse staging

Again on another trip to the shops saw these drinks stands heading for the dump. Thought to myself definately have a use for them. They are light weight but very strong, easily cleaned and will outlast me. It amazes me the amount of stuff that is produced, used once and then dumped. Well maybe the recession will stop alot of this carry on, shameful waste.


Thomas said...

Great way to recycle. That's how i got the glass doors for my future Greenhouse! So much useful stuff just gets thrown away when there is usually someone else out there that would be happy to give it a good home!

Veg and Flower Time said...

I totally agree, the amount of stuff I see on a daily basis that's heading for landfill is unbelievable, even today I saw to double glazed full length glass doors in a skip, thought to myself they'd be perfect for the top of cold frames, 2 problems though, 1. I haven't to make them, 2. divorce if I arrived home with them. :-)