Sunday, February 22, 2009

My equiptment part 2

My little greenhouse in its tempory home

My pride and joy is my little 6x6 greenhouse, at the moment it is bubble wrapped as I'm sowing seeds. I have a heater, a propogator, a heating bench which I made myself, have the cables and thermostat but haven't used it as I moved house a couple of weeks ago and will be moving again in the near future, so next season hopefully it will be up and running. I also have flouresent lights which seem to be working well and all the other bits and bobs that one needs. I always try to find something that I can recycle or make myself rather than just going out and buying it. It's not about the money, for me it's about saying 'well done kid' you made something that is as good or better than a shop bought article or ' glad i didn't throw that out, knew it would come in handy some day :-) .

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