Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday was like a summers day, bright and warm, spent the afternoon in my daughters garden in short sleeves. Well the greenhouse is finished, that 3rd bed is done too, dug 2 trenches across the bed 18'' apart and put in some newspapers and well rotted manure for my pea's. That now is covered as well for the next couple of weeks. Bought some carrots on seed tape for a trial this year, seems to be the thing to do. Spent a couple of hours cutting back and weeding some flower beds as well as cutting a small patch of grass just to tidy it up. I also turned over the compost heap.

I started these 2 beds last year for raspberries and blackberries, they really haven't done much but then I suppose, hand on heart they were slightly neglected, gave them a good old weeding and a good covering of home made compost. Fingers crossed we'll have something good from them this year.

Seeing as my greenhouse is now nice and clean an organised I put my 'rocket' early spuds on the bench for chitting. Will be planting these on Paddy's day.

My seeds in the propogator are germinating well and all but one tray has shown signs of new life, still plenty of time for this tray to come good yet. Also sowed some 'red jewel' cabbage seeds on Sunday as I have the propogator on a fairly high setting which this seed requires.

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