Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Was delighted to get a packet of bubble wrap clips with the roll of bubble wrap I bought last week.
This was most useful as for some strange reason one never seems to have enough of them or indeed one can sometimes forget where they were put for safe keeping. The problem I have found in the past is that different manifactures use slightly different profiles which in reality means that they sometimes are not a snug fit, ie they tend to fall out as your trying to hang the bubble wrap.

Solution: position a match stick in the profile and gently force the clip into place. The match stick is made of soft wood so it will slightly squash as you force the clip over it.


Peggy said...

It all sounds very technical to me!I did not even know you could line a greenhouse with bubble wrap or that htere were specially made clips for the job!

Veg and Flower Time said...

Now peggy, you only pullin my leg.

Great for getting a head start with annual flowers