Monday, February 8, 2010

My lupins were looking pretty miserable so I cut back all the dead wood, some more to do next weekend. Can't remember where I read the type of feed to use for these flowers, know I saved the article somewhere.

Weeded, dugover, added a barrow load of homemade compost to each of 2 raised beds, then I covered them with polythene so that they'll be weed free when I need them in the next couple of months. One more bed to do next weekend.
Dug up some strawberry plants 11 in all and put these in tubs at the back door. They may be seen by my daughter there and maybe she'll water, feed and pick them now that they are under her nose. Poted up 5 runners from last year. Must do some more runners this year as this crop of strawberry's are in their last year.

Nearly got the greenhouse bubble wrapped, but forgot to bring some corner clips with me this morning. Another job to be finished off next week end.

Started my seed sowing today.

Rudbeckia: becky mixed, hirta toto and cherry brandy.

Petunia: salmon velvet F1.

Marigold: durango tangerine F1.

Gaillardia: goblin.

Fingers crossed.

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