Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Below is a list of the seeds I sowed in February this year. Although all my seeds were last years or the year before, germination was good. Going to sow another batch over the week end and also do some more work on my daughters garden.

Flower seeds sown in February 2010
Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy
Rudbeckia Becky Mixed
Rudbeckia Hirta Toto
Petunia Salmon Velvet F1
Marigold Durango Tangerine F1
Gaillardia Goblin
Sweet Pea Early Fragrance Mixed

Veg seeds Sown in February 2010
Cabbage Red Jewel F1
Pea Twinkle


Anonymous said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................

Peggy said...

Hi Liam,that plant is romping away at a great rate!You have lots coming on too.I find sowing the seed in trays is the easy bit, pricking them out into larger pots is what takes up the time!
You are right about the little woodland garden in Ballincollig

Veg and Flower Time said...

Hi ya Peggy, well the picture is a bit of a cheat, that was one of last years, had no current pictures but will post a few at the week end. that pricking iut is a bit of a pain alright, I find if you make yourself as comfortable as possible you get thru it quick enough. i'm sure u've posted the posting above u, it , she , he has been there before. Just discovered it's one of the porn sites. Problem is its in China or some place like that. I'm too old for cyber sex so I'll give it a miss :-)