Monday, April 13, 2009

Things are coming along nicely in the heated greenhouse, moved out some more seedlings today to the cold greenhouse to make some more room. Still have about 180 or so seedlings to pot up over the next week or so. The fuchsia standards are coming on well and the crysants are beginning to flower.

Sowed some veg seeds today in the propagator at about 18 degrees, which really means nothing as the daytime temps soar to about 30 degrees in the greenhouse. Doesn't seem to cause any problems. Have reduced the heater to run at about 12 degrees overnight.




Peggy said...

Hi Liam, I have never heard of trialing seeds? Do you have to keep paperwork on the ie: dates etc? You could be doing Chelsea Flower show with the amount of plants you have coming on! I looked back through your old posts and I can see how you would use such a lot,you dont stint on them in beds and borders. I had to check you did say you are only interested in gardening for about 18 months?!
I repotted my tomato plants into a compost mix of compost, blood,fish and bone, sone crushed egg shells and water them with a seaweed extract.They are coming on great in the cold mini greehouses outdoors.After a spindly start they are now about 5 ins high.

Veg and Flower Time said...

Just something I came across on the Garden News forum and thought I'd have a go. Small bit of paperwork, in all 8 questions. Aparently new varieties unnamed as yet but will be available next year. Well I sold my house which really had no garden at all and was hoping to be in the new one by now, but problems problems and more problems, well the real problem is work is and has been at a standstill, so don't know when I'll be in, and of course there's my daughters garden which has plenty of room for even more. I always did the grass cutting thing and wasn't really interested after that, but my daughter asked me if I could do anything with her garden 2 years ago and I haven't stopped since. That's something I must look into over the next couple of months,bought a bag of John Innes number 1 last week and it's appears so much better and different to what I would normally buy. Allot of people actually make their own, wouldn't mind doing that, I just have 2 little seedlings, moneymaker sticking up at the moment, hopefully they will progress.

Maureen said...

Liam you seem a very busy and keen gardener (just like myself.

I expect you already know this, but comfry make a great tea for feeding the plants. It stinks terrible but is very good. I also make nettle tea to feed the plants, I did a post on making them on my blog.

Veg and Flower Time said...

Hi Maureen,

Sorry about the late reply, hope u got my comment on your blog which looks super