Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things are beginning to hot up now in the garden, plenty of maintainance i.e. grass cutting weeding and edgeing. Colurs are beginning to creep in also, nice to see it at last.

Apple, plum and pear trees all in blossom, they look really colourful and healthy.

Gave the strawberries a feeding over week end, they also seem to be doing well

Little flowers on most of them.

The first potatoes I've ever grow have sprouted, hopefully they will continue on

Most of the veg seeds I sowed a week ago or so both in the cold and heated greenhouses have germinated, will let you know exactly what is up next week end.

Been having a problem with my potatoe peelings in the compost heap this year, a problem in that they keep sprouting.

Hopefully have sorted the problem now by lining the bin with some bubble wrap I had lying around and then some black polythene. Had a look at it this eve and the heat was good, so maybe this will speed things up as I have noticed it seems to be taking forever and a day to get compost.

Also planted up some comfrey cuttings I got last year that have been sitting in pots at the bottom of the garden, must say they are lovely and colourful.


Peggy said...

Your strawberries look great ,what did you feed them with as I have not put any feed on ours yet! Keeping the light away from the potatoes may stop them sprouting in the compost heap, I have two bins and only emptied the first one earlier this year after about 2 years composting slowly.

sharonl said...

Strawberries look lovely, I have twelve plants waiting for planting hopefully this weekend if we can get more digging done.

Veg and Flower Time said...

Evening Ladies,

The strawberries got a feed of tomato food, a weak dilution, I'm never really sure with tomato food as they say you shouldn't water the plants just the soil, but as usual and throwing caution to the wind I did it both ways. My compost bin must be there about a year and a half, and is made up from pallets, i didn't consider the light factor when I was making it and it dawned on me a couple of weeks ago that any compost bins you buy are sealed, so the the problem is well sorted now.