Monday, April 6, 2009

Spent Sunday moving some of my seedlings to the cold greenhouse. Some might say a little early but need the space in the heated one as I have many more seedlings to prick out this week. Only moved the strongest seedlings so hopefully they'll acclimatise to cooler conditions without any bothers. I know I seem to be a major advertiser for the soft drink companies, but I must say these tray are so handy, just bung a cork into the hole at the centre of the tray, fill with a little water every other day or so, weather dependent, and no problems with compost drying out. If the water hasn't been soaked up after a day, remove the cork and drain off the water and the compost is moist for another couple of days, again weather dependent. And to think these trays were heading to a landfill site.

Also decided to put up shading this weekend as some of the days we are getting at the moment are almost summer like. Great to see such good weather and hopefully we will see much more of it over the coming months.

I know I've been saying I've been trying to get round to starting off my veg seeds, well this eve filled some trays with compost and put them in the propagator to get the temp up to around 15 degree's, so tomorrow evening will be starting in earnest.


Peggy said...

All of your plants look big and healthy and ready to be hardened off to go out. You look as if you could go into this in a big way!

Veg and Flower Time said...


probably will harden them off middle of next month as I'd still be worried about frost, would certainly love to do something horticultural, but the way things are at the moment, the devil u know is better than the one u don't know.