Monday, April 27, 2009

Growth over the past week has been very obvious, flowers, grass, strawberries, raspberries, potatoes and many more things but also weeds as per usual. Saturday could be best described as wet so I spent most of the day in the greenhouses potting up and tidying up. Dismantled the heated propagator as I need the space it's taking up, and really don't have further use for it this season.

Dropped by the hydro allotments this morning and met Peggy, it's a fabulous place with plenty of things going on. It great to see at first hand the interest that is really there in allotments.

My lilies are getting bigger by the day, great really, considering they were left to die down at the end of last season and just stuck at the bottom of the garden since then and left to their own devices. Will probably make 4 or 5 pots out of them at the end of this season and give them some fresh compost at the start of next season.

As you can see, plenty of green developed on my veg shelf since last week, everything has germinated so hopefully we will get them all to the planting out stage.


Peggy said...

Hi Liam, sheves up and groaning under the weight of stuff on them now,everyone is delighted with the improvement!Just laughing here my word verification is mudbotox!Who thinks up these things?!

Veg and Flower Time said...

Evening Peggy,

Been on the missing list for a month now, but doing the maintanance stuff, enough to keep things moving.