Sunday, March 8, 2009

Green house work

Spent the morning pricking out another 80 or so seedlings. Have about 150 now in total. Last year I used liquid copper fungicide which was watered in at the initial stage of watering the compost. This year I'm just misting the seedlings when there pricked out to pots. Seems to be working fine with only 5 out of 150 going down.

One side of my 6'x6' green house is now full and I still have another 150 or so seedlings to be pricked out over the coming week. God but I'd love to have a huge green house. I also watered the seed trays and newly potted up seedlings and also the seedlings that have been potted up for a month with a little feed to keep them going.

So, half the greenhouse is taken up with half of the first sowings, going to sow as much again around Paddy's day so it's going to be very tight in there in another couple of weeks.


Peggy said...

What are you using for feeding the seedlings? Where are you going to plant all of those?! You have lots of colour in the garden already too.The snow looks a bit unbelievable looking at photos, I am glad I did not have to travel in it.

Veg and Flower Time said...

I'm just giving a weak mix of phrosphogen watered in via the roots, more so just to put a little something back into the compost to keep it going. There's probably something better but that's all I have at the moment. I have a lot of borders so I'll find space. As I said, the snow wasn't freezing so it was grand to drive, just a little caution needed.