Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Did a little bit of flower picking today, don't have a whole pile of tulips or hyacinths, must do more for next year.

Signs of growth with pear, apple and plum trees also some raspberries I planted a couple of months ago coming on nicely

This was one of the tulips before I cut it for the vase above, amazing how quickly they close when out of direct sunlight

A hydrangea which literally was only twigs, 2 weeks ago and now has sprung into action

Wall flowers (I think) nearly there now, should add some nice colour well before the bedding plants are put in at the beginning of June.
Got those spuds planted, Arron Pilot, put some British Queens on the bench for chitting, Did a little bit of tidying up around the garden and some more pricking out of seedlings.


Peggy said...

Hi Liam,you have some lovely colour coming through in the garden. In answer to your question on my blog it was all of a beautiful sunny day on the allotment!

Veg and Flower Time said...

Evening Peggy,

Hopefully we'll have a blast of colour again this year. Great weather again this weekend, hopefully not getting it too soon.

Things are looking good on your allotment. Keep the faith.