Sunday, March 8, 2015


Bought a few packets of seeds during the week. Did a bit of sowing today, pot washing, general tidying up in the shed and set up my water buts as I need to fill my IBC tanks for summer watering.


Spent a bit of time today getting this project underway. 
                  Had some netting from one of my recycled trampolines, stiched it up into a sack.
  Filled this sack with seaweed which I gathered from the beach, need alot more.  Popped it into a 200 ltr drum which I picked up for a fiver.                                                 

Filled it up with water.    
Job done.

Going to get some more barrels and a much more seaweed, thats the plan anyway.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Very cold today so did a few jobs in the shed. The Lobellia seeds are coming up nicely.

Did some seed sowing. This year I have decided to sow into single cells to save the hassle of pricking out. Sowed 2 types of marigolds which hopefully will go well with the lobellia in my tubs.

As the seeds are coming up decided to get my heated frame ready for the lobellia in the next week or 2. Everything is working so it was a pretty straight forward job. All going well should have more than 200 seedlings in there soon. Self watering is great, cuts down on a lot of work.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Just came across this one from January

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nearly 4 years since I posted last, how time flies by. Been doing alot of hard landscaping as well as other projects, not garden related and of course that thing called work constantly getting in the way,

Did a little bit of planting up today as it was a great day down here in West cork, hope to finish it in the next week or so.

Rabbits tend to be a pain in the rear at times here. If they don't like the foliage they certainly love the roots of everything I plant. Came up with the solution below until they establish, seems to work a treat.

Lobellia in the propagator, earlier this week for my tubs, have found marigolds are about the best choice for my tubs, normally have about 30 10 litre tubs around the place. They survive the wind as we are high up here and the rabbits don't seem to like them. The first year I was here, grew about 600 annuals from seed, the rabbits had a field day. Thought I'd add in a few lobellia's for a change this year.

Valentines day present for the other half sorted, a matching set of his and her knapsacks for collecting seaweed on those long romantic beach walks. I am certain she is going to love these, if there are no posts after valentines day please do visit me in the C.U.H.

Another little recycling project I started late last year. A polytunnel made from damaged trampolines. All the tubing is from 10' trampolines I picked up free here and there after the storms in early 2014. Alot of work to be done yet, but hope to finish early summer. 22'x11' so should have plenty of space.

So hope you all have been keeping well, will keep you all posted, or that's the plan. One never know, could go off on a walk about again.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Well, have been on the missing list for a while now, have started again and will be updating as I go along.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring and all is going well, let's hope it continues.

Been meaning for all of last week to get in and add some words to the pictures posted last week, where has the time gone . The weeks are flying by and finding time to get everything in seems to be impossible.

Hydrangaes are coming back nicely, gave then a little clip and tidying up a fornight ago.

My lupins are really beginning to fill out, hopefully a sign of things to come.

The lilly's are coming on strong, suppose I should have thinned them out this year but now it will have to wait till next year. Have got nice displays over the past 2 years from these.

All is going well in the greenhouse, not as many seeds as I have done for the past 2 years as I'm oly doing my daughters garden this year, my own will follow next year.

Marigolds are so easy.

Red cabbage plants no bother again this year and they were absolutely lovely last year.

Peas not a bother either, so hopefully we'll have a good crop again.
Today I planted the spuds in a raised bed. Tightened up the recomended spacings to get more in, so we'll have to see what happens.